The groups functionality in HASTAC Commons is perfect for coordination of projects, events, and courses. By following other users and joining (and actively participating in) Commons groups, you can grow your network, meet new colleagues, and collaborate.

Groups on Humanities Commons can be set to public, private, or hidden.

  • Public groups can be seen not just by all HASTAC and Humanities Commons users, but are also publicly available for browsing by members of the public.
  • Private groups are listed on the website, but users must request to join.
  • Hidden groups are not listed on the website, and users must be invited by administrators to join.

To find groups, click on the “Groups” link in the dropdown menu of the “Go To” menu option at the top of your screen. This will take you to the Groups page, where you can either use the search feature or you can scroll through the list of “All Groups.” Once you’ve found a group you like, click the “Join Group” button, and you can immediately choose what you’d like your email settings for the group to be. Here is a general guide for using Groups.

To learn more about managing groups, view our guide on managing group roles and memberships.

What can I do in groups?

  • Connect with scholars
  • Discuss ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Plan events
  • Share materials and receive feedback
  • Create a group website
  • Design a group for your course

Example Groups